Artistic Taste – Kindest Lines

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Jack Champagne sure serves up an ideal sonic blend. One of three members of Kindest Lines, the Louisiana trio’s debut album, Covered in Dust, presses a sweet throwback pop feel through an industrial synth filter for an infectious final product. Yet as Champagne weighs in for our latest Artistic Taste entry, the influences that feed the band come as quite the surprise. At the very least, we can trace a morbid sense of humor.

What album was the first you discovered without the assistance of popular radio or television?

lovesliescrushing – bloweyelashwish
I got a Projekt Records catalog when i was 13, and it said something about female vocals and ethereal guitars so i got it. Scott Cortez does amazing stuff with guitars and I would listen to it at obnoxiously loud volumes and my mom would get really mad.

What album do you associate with being intoxicated?

Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible
It pretty much covers me being intoxicated except for the early stages when I’m shouting happily — that’s definitely not on this album! I have a bad habit of putting this on after a long night out.

What album is a favorite for the way it prominently features you instrument of choice?

Disintegration – The Cure
I would sit there with the CD all day and night and keep hitting notes until I figured out the patterns. I didn’t get guitar lessons so this is how I learned how to play, wearing out cassettes by rewinding them constantly.

What is a greatest hits or live album that serves as your favorite work from the band in question?

Adorable – Footnotes 92-94
They only did two albums and most of their songs are on here and they’re all perfect. This is what I think pop music should sound like.

What is the funniest non-comedy album you own?

The Smiths – Meat is Murder
I always found lines like “bruises bigger than dinner plates” and “he killed a policemen when he was 13 and somehow that really impressed me” to be extremely funny. I guess that’s where my morbid sense of humor began.

What is the most overtly aggressive album you love?

Big Black – Songs About Fucking
A friend of mine bought it when we were kids because of the title and I just fell in love with the jackhammer drum machine sounds, ear shattering guitars, and obnoxious lyrics.