Artistic Taste: Snowden’s Jordan Jeffares

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Welcome to Artistic Taste, a new segment where we probe behind the musical interests of some of our favorite artists to ask about some rarities or standouts in their own music collection. Whether it’s a funny anecdote that highlights their personality or a reflective moment that showcases their heart, the hope is to find out more about each artist and find what inspires them.

Here, we asked Jordan Jeffares of Snowden to give us his take on a few albums that might surprise.

What album do you own that’s an outlier given your usual taste?

Outkast – Aquemini
I’m not a big rap guy. This record just stands out. The tracks are musically amazing, innovative, and most importantly, they’re diverse. It’s grungy at times, beautiful at others, and everything between. The lyrics are ghetto poetry on paper and rhythmic instruments in the delivery. I think that “Skew it on the Bar-B” is one of the most clever, infectious tracks ever created in any genre.

Which album do you associate with being intoxicated?

The Rapture – Echoes
This came out right when the indie dance thing was at its peak. Me and all of my friends would go to the places that were playing these bands and dance and drink all night. It was a mess. Now everyone lives with their significant other and goes to bed after Glee.

Which album were you embarrassingly late to discover?

Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’
All I knew of Dylan was what was played on the oldies stations. I was not into his electric stuff so I never got around to delving further. I was also more interested in staying on top of what was being made by my generation, not recycling or mimicking the greats of the past, or at least that was the theory and mantra. When I put on the first two acoustic records in the same day, I finally got it and was pissed that I’d put it off for so long.

Which album is a favorite for the way it prominently features your instrument of choice?

The Clientele – The Violet Hour
These guys are masters of reverb. To me, that is an instrument. This band will be on a Volkswagen commercial in 20 years and everyone will wonder how they were missed. Easily, the most overlooked band of our time.

Which album is the funniest non-comedy album you own?

Ween – Pure Guava
My brother called into our local “alternative” radio station and won a box of CD’s. This was one of them. Songs like “Poop Ship Destroyer,” “Push the Little Daisies” and “Touch My Tooter” send me back to when I was 11 years old, playing ping pong in the basement.  Can you believe that shit was on Elektra?