A new chapter of Meaningful Music awaits

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A new chapter of Meaningful Music awaits

Clarity is a beautiful thing. The arrival at moments marked by clarity often emerge from unwelcome seasons — tragic circumstances, painful news, changes forced upon us. But when something becomes clear to you, it’s a true gift that enlightens the path ahead.

That’s how this season feels for me, as founder and editor of Stereo Subversion. For the last 10 years — 10! — we’ve written about, trumpeted, celebrated, explored, analyzed all manner of music — every possible genre crafted by artists all over the world. The one common banner: Meaningful Music Exists. We simply wanted to be a signpost in a cluttered culture, pointing the way toward some bands and artists, some albums and songs that we believed to be worthy of your time.

Yet all the while there was, for me, a disconnect from going “all in,” so to speak. First of all was the name, which was always a mouthful (so many syllables) and was not my own idea. Stereo Subversion is alliterative. I also has “stereo” in the title. Those are good things. But it’s also not memorable (to me), hard to spell and/or just not something with which I was ever pleased.

Even more important than the name was the execution of the idea. We had sections labeled NEWS, REVIEWS, NEW TRACKS. If those sound familiar, it’s because every single other music site on the Internet has the exact same categories. Some of those sites have younger founders who want to invest a lot more energy into the RIGHTNOW. As a man nearing mid-life, I could care less about all the buzz being created by the newest post-post-synth freak rock/soul hybrid who only sings transposed vowels from every other word. The last thing I want to do is write about it.

The clarity came slowly for me, less of a lightning strike and more of a slow awakening. How do you really want to invest your time? Writing a news blurb about a 17-year-old with a laptop? You can guess the answer. It’s not that I don’t care about new music. On the contrary, I love mining for exciting new artists pushing the boundaries of genres. I love new music as much as I did when I was kid. I just didn’t want to keep up with the noise made by every other site.

As we came upon the 10 year anniversary of Stereo Subversion, I realized that we could either double down, celebrate a decade and look forward to another or we could give it up. The thought of the latter was a sad idea, but the former was even worse. We’ve slowed way down this year as I’ve given myself to other endeavors, but I haven’t stopped listening to, talking about or sharing music with anyone who will listen. And through this process, I’ve realized a reinvention is in order.

A new website is on the way. A completely new name. A completely new design. A completely new goal. We’ll keep the old content because our archive is incredible and our banner is the same. Meaningful Music Exists. We want to continue to help you find it. But the new venture will be less about the RIGHTNOW and more in the vein of what comes naturally to us outside of a website: thoughtful conversation about thoughtful music.

We can’t wait to introduce you to it. It’s the sort of endeavor to which I can easily picture giving another decade. We hope you’ll join us there, too.

Matt Conner
Stereo Subversion

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