Properly Introduced: Coyote Talk

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Properly Introduced: Coyote Talk

From the very first notes of “Don’t Let Them Break Your Heart,” I was hooked. Coyote Talk, Nashville’s next great import, is as earnest as the Heartland, their native home, but smart enough to stand out in Music City. Seeing as how I’ve listened to this single song 100 times in a row, give or take a few, I asked them if they’d be kind enough to Properly Introduce themselves. [Coyote Talk’s website]

Coyote Talk is Josh Frigo (Vox, Guitar, Keys), Ben Goodrow (Bass Guitar), and Alex Dobbert (Drums)

Raised in a part of the Midwest where the last lines of Chicago’s urban landscape marry the first rows of Indiana’s green-gold cornfields, writer Josh Frigo’s musical output is a reflection of the cultural tension in which he grew up. As a result, Coyote Talk’s music is steeped in the traditions of Americana and Heartland rock, and refreshed with new, alternative sounds, or more simply: alt-americana.

Josh, Ben, and Alex are all sons of the Midwest. Born and raised in states Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, Coyote Talk has found a new home in Nashville, Tennessee, where their music feels familiar yet contemporary.

Coyote Talk emerged on the music scene in July of 2013, but its origins can be traced back to the late aughts when Alex and Josh met in college. Classmates in a shared music program, the two quickly realized their complementary talents and began recording together. For the next three years, they made music together in a variety of configurations until they met Ben through a mutual friend.

In need of a bass player for session work, they brought Ben into the studio and had him play on a few ongoing projects. His natural talent and impeccable sensibilities made him a fixture of their work and soon the three were making music together constantly. In June, 2013, Josh proposed they put a name to their work, and the next month Coyote Talk was born. The following December saw the release of their first full-length record, and the group has been furiously writing and playing shows ever since then.

Ask any member of the group why they do what they do, and the response you’ll most likely receive is “I don’t know.” They respond in this manner not to avoid the question, but because like all good things the underlying motivations behind them are complex and mysterious. It’s not unlike asking why we fall in love, or climb mountains, or tell stories, or build buildings.

There’s a primal joy that wells up inside in the meager act of making songs, and a sense of real intimacy that comes when sharing them with people you love. These strange, ancient catalysts are what continue to drive Coyote Talk’s musical outpouring. Combine this with a passion for the traditions of Americana and Heartland rock and a bold musical vision to move the genre forward, and somewhere in the dense wilderness of those ideas is Coyote Talk and the music they’re making.


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