Properly Introduced: Household

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Properly Introduced: Household

Household first took root in the Minneapolis music scene two summers ago with a string of basement shows — the standard, sweaty beginnings for most bands of their ilk. The quintet’s “melodic hardcore” quickly found an audience and their new album, Time Spent, builds on that strong beginning with a wider musical range while maintaining the intensity. We recently asked the band to break it down and Properly Introduce themselves.

Joshua Gilbert, vocals; Abigail Olson, guitar; Nathanael Olson, guitar; Joshua Czech, bass guitar; Matthew Anthony, d rums

“We like to say we play ‘melodic punk’. We don’t feel like we can claim melodic hardcore but we know we are still an aggressive band. ‘Melodic punk’ just seems like the right fit when it comes to heavier guitar parts, but melodic singing.”

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Our band started playing Minneapolis basement shows in the summer of 2013. We had been planning and writing for the year prior, but didn’t officially start playing shows till that august. It was really cool how the Minneapolis scene took us under their wing. Before long we had developed a friendship with the heart of the music scene there and we started throwing shows in our basement. Those are the kind of shows we’ll never forget.”

“We create music because we long to connect with others. Music has the rare quality of transcendence. I wouldn’t say we always knew this about music, but after seeing kids come into our home and share this fondness, we soon realized why we wanted to make music. The music wasn’t just for us; it was to be shared. I can’t explain how neat it is to bring something small and seemingly insignificant to the forefront of music. Thoughts that sit inside my head can be expressed in ways that only music can display. Some of our new album, especially in the song ‘Sway’, touches on how we build our own world and empire inside our heads. It takes moments of releasing that and getting away from ourselves to be a part of that transcendence. Sometimes that avenue of release comes through music, and for that reason we love to create and feel forced to create music.”


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