Properly Introduced: Secret Club

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Properly Introduced: Secret Club

If you’re in the Nashville know, then you’re already paying close attention to the gripping garage rock of Secret Club, one of our favorite new local bands. Check out the video for “Secret Club” (the song) below and see quickly it’s seared in your memory. Hell, the band’s new album is even titled Apocalypse Meow (order here), a sweet rock and roll affair that’s part Strokes, part Grohl. We’ve asked them to Properly Introduce themselves since we’re going to become well-acquainted when all is said and done.

AJ Babcock, bass and vocals; Angela Plake, guitar, background vocals; Nate Moran, drums

Sleazy rock and roll

The healthcare capital of the country, Nashville TN

Jan 2014, we met at a party

“We play rock and roll because it’s in our fucking blood. We just want to have fun with it and party with the people who come to our shows. Our songs are fun but have some depth. We bring it with all we have each time out. The music scene in Nashville can get ridiculous and pretentious, even in rock and roll. We’re against that and just do what we want to do. Our fans here dig it.”


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