Properly Introduced: Soren Bryce

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Properly Introduced: Soren Bryce

Popular culture is quick to place youth on its shoulders, to champion the newest names and youngest faces with terms like buzz and hype to get us to buy in early. We’re pretty reticent to lean into such noise most of the time, but Soren Bryce has us hooked. The 18-year-old is an honest talent, a hardworking songwriter who grew up on classic rock and counts “pissed off folk” artists like Ben Howard and Ani DiFranco among her influences. We asked her to Properly Introduce herself, but you can find out even more at her website.

My name is Soren Bryce, and I play piano, guitar, and violin.

I would describe my music as introspective, dreamy pop-folk.

I’m originally from Amarillo, Texas, but now I reside in LA.

I have been playing violin since I was ten, but I taught myself guitar at 14 to impress a boy, and then picked up songwriting.

Music is my therapy. I started writing because it was the only thing that relieved my tension and anxieties. It’s how I make sense of the things going on around me, and provides an outlet for me to vent my thoughts. It’s my way of bringing my introspection to the surface. I definitely wouldn’t be the same person without it.


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