Video Premiere – An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw, “Floating Away”

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Video Premiere – An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw, “Floating Away”

You just can’t beat a good pop song for the summer. And once you add in the beach, a little bass guitar, and some electronic piano keys, I’m all in for whatever is next.

That’s what An Intimate Evening with Michael Shaw manages to cook up in his video for “Floating Away,” a Tuesday premiere here on Stereo Subversion. It’s a solid video with plenty of black and white studio musicianship interspersed with some engaging cuts of an idyllic beach where I bet we all wish we could be right now.

The song, “Floating Away,” is a tight pop number with a flair of psychedelic entanglement. Shaw commands the instruments around him with plenty of gravitas, locking each one into their respective places. Shaw is front and center on his debut album, This Is It, released on June 2. (I confess that when I read the band name, I thought it was the album title and not the name of Shaw’s band moniker.) But the name fits Shaw to a tee; after decades of playing in the San Francisco rock scene, penning and performing songs with his younger brother in bands like Petrol and the Aktion, Shaw has grabbed the steering wheel for an intense and highly personal debut. Hence the name.

“Being in bands is great for camaraderie, but meant compromising some of my beliefs about pop music,” Shaw says. “This album allowed me to create an undiluted expression of my musical ideas.”

Watch the video for “Floating Away” below, and listen to Shaw’s debut LP, This Is It, on Soundcloud after the video.


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