Big Boi Working on New Album

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Big Boi Working on New Album

Some of us at Stereo Subversion (well, me) are still smarting from the fact that Big Boi’s roof-rattling Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty was left off of our best-of-2010 list. Well, Big Boi’s going to give them a chance to right their unforgivable wrongs when he releases the impermanently-titled Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader. In an interview with Junior Online, Big Boi confirmed that he’s seventeen songs in, and that Janelle Monae would be guest-starring once again. Big Boi also had the following Big-Boi-esque things to say about the new album (and remember, he’s allowed to talk like this; dude made Aquemini and Stankonia):

“Oh man, it’s going to be S-A-X-X-X triple unadulterated funk to the extremest level. Straight lyrical assassin, and the beats are going to be as hard hitting as always. I’mma let everything else be a surprise, and just let it speak for itself. I’m 17 songs into it now, everything is sounding phenomenal. I could put it out tomorrow if I wanted to, but I’mma marinate on it because I’m on the road. I feel good about it, all the music’s sounding great… I’m just really stayin’ busy out here killin’ it.”

I, for one, believe him. At the very least, this should take the sting out of the sure-to-be-amazing/terrible-or-terrible/amazing Modest Mouse collaboration Big Boi warned us about a few months ago. Anyway, for no real reason at all, here’s the “Shutterbug” video.

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