Coldplay Embrace Their Destiny on New Single

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Coldplay Embrace Their Destiny on New Single

Imagine you’re a multi-millionaire pop star. You’ve earned your fame by inadvertently sanding the edges off of your more interesting, mysterious, and challenging heroes. Your music is perfectly pleasant, if cloying, and you’re married to a movie star who’s spends more time writing oblivious articles about the joys of cooking as a rich person (“What? You mean you don’t have your own wood-fired pizza oven?!) than acting. Oh, and you’ve both chosen (chosen, it wasn’t forced upon you somehow) to name your child after a piece of fruit.

Maybe you put up a bit of a fight against the conception that your personality is aggressively affable and your music is anodyne. Maybe you openly steal melodies from unimpeachable legends (Kraftwerk, for example) so that, at the very least, people realize that you have the right taste. Maybe you hire an indisputable arbiter of cool to produce your albums (Brian Eno, for example).

At this point though (four albums in), who’s going to buy that you’re cool all of a sudden? No one, that’s who. So I’m happy to report that Coldplay have embraced the fact that they are Coldplay, with all of the good and bad that choice entails. How do I know that? Well, their new single is named “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,” which is the sort of decision you can only make if you’re at peace with who you are. You can hear the song at the band’s website, and get a digital copy everywhere except for the United Kingdom. Coldplay’s fellow countrymen are being made to wait until June 5th.

As for the song itself, it’s Coldplay in “Viva La Vida” mode, which means that it’s thoroughly anthemic, with a bit of electro-pop at the outset that gives way to a whole lot of U2. Nothing terribly surprising, although it’s nice to see that guitarist Jonny Buckland is eschewing his usual method of playing high notes slowly and with lots of reverb in favor of some friskier leads.


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