Download Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Remix of Gang Gang Dance’s “Mindkilla”

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Download Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Remix of Gang Gang Dance’s “Mindkilla”

“Mindkilla” is one of many wild, groove-heavy jams on Gang Gang Dance’s superlative new record, Eye Contact, so it was really a matter of time before it was subjected to some remixes. But even GGD’s Brian DeGraw couldn’t have imagined being so lucky as to get legendary reggae and dub innovator Lee “Scratch” Perry to offer up his own version. DeGraw, obviously a bit shell-shocked at the thought of being remixed by Perry, had this to say: “I feel blessed…like ACTUALLY blessed…to have made some form of musical communion with LSP. I think about him a lot in day to day life but never really imagined our paths would cross in any other way. And I really have to give it up for anyone who gets handed a song about fear and turns it into a club banger about eating cops. Perfect.”

For his part, Perry seemed to have a good time with “Mindkilla”, throwing his inscrutable vocals and some club-friendly keys into the mix. Surprisingly, Perry appears to have dropped most of the low end out of the booming original. Here’s Perry’s take on the whole experience: “I did have a great fun in the studio in Negril (Jamaica) recreating the riddim. The ingeneers and people around also enjoyed the vibes and the great voice of (GGD vocalist) Lizzi (Bougatsos). All the blessings for the remix from LSP.”

Check out the video for the original version of “Mindkilla”, which was directed by Shoji Goto from Boredoms and would make a great screensaver, below.

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