MODOC announce Brendan Benson produced ‘Automatic + Voluntary’

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MODOC announce Brendan Benson produced ‘Automatic + Voluntary’

Nashville isn’t usually equated with a rock and roll town until you stop and consider the bands who call it home — from Jack White to Kings of Leon, for a start. MODOC are another band making waves with their straightforward, succinct rock and roll melodies. The trio has announced their sophomore studio full-length, this time produced by the great Brendan Benson, entitled Automatic + Voluntary out February 5, 2016.

Automatic + Voluntary Track Listing
1. Black Eyed Lover
2. Make The World Wait
3. Out of the Blue
4. Kids on the Run
5. No News Is Good News
6. Get a Taste
7. Always the Same
8. Slow Films
9. I Feel Nothing
10. Told You So

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