New R.E.M. Video: “Every Day Is Yours To Win”

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New R.E.M. Video: “Every Day Is Yours To Win”

You’ve probably been privy to a few of the millions of YouTube videos featuring lonely-seeming people entertaining themselves by recording their questionable talents or hobbies and posting them on the internet for the world to see. You’ve probably mocked one or two of them (hundreds even, if you’re Daniel Tosh). Well, R.E.M.’s latest video for Collapse Into Now‘s “Every Day Is Yours To Win”, directed by Jim McKay, Chris Moukarbal, and Valerie Veatch, splices together twenty or so YouTube videos featuring people entertaining the camera in wildly diverse (and occasionally creepily intimate) ways. As it turns out, when you set this brand of footage against R.E.M.’s pensive yet curiously uplifting track, it takes on a sort of perverse nobility and off-kilter poignancy.

The video is the latest entry from the Collapse Into Now Film Project, which asks filmmakers to help create a video for every single song on R.E.M.’s thoroughly enjoyable new album. Go here if you wish to see Michael Stipe and “Every Day Is Yours To Win” McKay explain the whole thing in halting, not-very-clear terms.

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