Steve Albini Hates Odd Future For Reasons Different Than Everybody Else’s

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Steve Albini Hates Odd Future For Reasons Different Than Everybody Else’s

(Via the AV Club)

Steve Albini, the original deliberately provocative, frustratingly contrarian prick, has finally graced the world with his take on the deliberately provocative hip-hop collective, Odd Future. Interestingly, Albini’s only real complaint about the group has nothing to do with their whole rapey, stabby onstage personae, but rather the fact that he believes them to be real-life, dyed-in-the-wool assholes. Here’s a sample of Albini’s post from his own message board (though the whole thing is a must-read), describing his encounter with Odd Future in an airport shuttle:

“They piled onto the shuttle late, after finally getting corralled by their minder, who was nursing a head wound with an ice bag wrapped in a towel. They piled in, niggering everything in sight, motherfucking the driver, boasting into the air unbidden about getting their dicks sucked and calling everyone in the area a faggot. Then one of them lit a joint (or a pipe, I didn’t look) and told the driver to shut the fuck up nigger and smoked it anyway. A female passenger tried to engage one of them in conversation, but he just stared at her with a dead-to-me stare while his seatmate flipped double birds in her face.”

Later, Albini defends an artists’ right to write about any subject he or she pleases, no matter how gruesome or offensive:

“I am well aware, thanks, that good people can make ugly art and that ugly people can make good art. Ultimately the function of art is to express something and move an idea from one person to another, and the tools of that can include revulsion and discomfort. Having been in a few bands myself, thanks, I know that the uninitiated can mistake these devices as windows into the soul of the creator. Ultimately they are, of course, but not necessarily in the crude autobiographical way they are often interpreted.”

Albini’s ultimate conclusion? “…this is not a case of regular people making music about assholes, but assholes making music about being assholes”.

It’s almost enough to forgive him for calling the Pixies “blandly entertaining college rock”. Almost.

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