Andy Cherry – Nothing Left To Fear

Andy Cherry – Nothing Left To Fear

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Andy Cherry cut his musical teeth in Charlotte, North Carolina leading worship by day and playing bars at night. Shortly after high school, Cherry got up to sing one morning and felt something just wasn’t right. “I didn’t want to be there,” he has since said. “I thought, ‘I’m wasting my time.’”

Cherry realized he was in the midst of something bigger than himself, and decided to get on board and see where it led. The journey’s next milestone is Cherry’s upcoming LP, Nothing Left to Fear, which he created alongside highly-touted producer and five-time SESAC Christian songwriter of the year, Jason Ingram.

Throughout the album, Cherry easily transitions between crooning verses and raw soaring choruses, while Ingram lends a freshness to every track that is sorely lacking in many Contemporary Christian albums.

In the opening track, “City of Light,” Cherry turns his own personal breaking point into a melodic rock anthem that asks God to bring assurance and direction to the dark times of uncertainty-to make us a “city of light.” The breakout single “Our God’s Alive” melds cascading acoustic guitars with stomping percussion (a la “We Will Rock You”) to yield a rock/pop powerhouse worthy of any stadium — but with enough simplicity for a Sunday morning service.

Perhaps the most refreshing cut from Nothing Left to Fear is Cherry’s repackaging of the old standard “Nothing But the Blood.” The original lyrics and melody remain intact, but Andy’s soaring vocals and Ingram’s sonic layering-along with an original bridge-infuse fresh vigor into this mainstay of Christian hymns.

On the whole, Nothing Left to Fear is not an album full of mere proclamations of devotion, but is infused with the honest questioning and lingering uncertainty that Andy has experienced throughout his journey. Now, at 25 and newly married, he has found a sense of comfort and hope in his faith, the realization that worry is needless and the knowledge that God will sustain you on your journey. And if the journey should end here, with only marginal success for Nothing Left to Fear, Cherry says it won’t change who he is: “It will just be the end of a really cool trip.”


  1. Ryan Christopher says:

    I’ve not checked out much by Andy Cherry but ‘Our God’s Alive.’ I think I’ll be buying his new album with my next paycheck thanks to this article!

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