Andy Hunter – Collide

Andy Hunter – Collide

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Andy Hunter is back on the music scene in a big way with the release of his fourth album, Collide. A return to the epic and ethereal rhythms and beats that were found on his first two records — particularly on his debut, Exodus — the EP is a five-track, thirty-five-plus minute opus that has more of a live club feel than perhaps any of his other works. It’s a hell of a show.

Tracks like the opener, “Raining Sunshine,” are representative of a lot of the album’s content: up-tempo beats, significant bass, ethereal synths and keys, and extended sequences where sounds fade in and out as though shots of noise are flying past you one by one. This song and the others that are like it are exceptional dance tracks that will have you moving in no time. Even tracks that move at a slightly slower pace, like “On Automatic,” groove in a more herky-jerky sort of way, which plays perfectly to the computerized voice which repeats the phrase, “I’m static/ Erratic/ On automatic,” throughout.

The quick beats of “Dawn Vision” are beautifully augmented by thunderous, echoing keys and otherworldly vocal drive-bys which help creative the most epic, ethereal soundscape on this impressive album; and the closing title track comes at you in a rush of sound and fury, with Hunter providing the album’s only real lyrical meat with the following refrain: “Heaven and earth collide/ A beautiful alliance/ Together two worlds are tied/ A powerful presence.”

After trying his hand at an album (Colour) whose songs were more traditional in terms of having considerable lyrical content, choruses and the like, Hunter’s return to the driving, pulse-pounding tunes that first brought him attention from the likes of Rolling Stone as well as various TV shows and films, feels like a return to what is most natural to him. The confidence with which he moves from arcade game-style action sequences (the flourishes present throughout “Annihilate” sound like samples of video games where lively music plays whenever something significant is accomplished or acquired) to those moments when a pause is needed is smooth and assured.

Collide is on par with Hunter’s best and may even be his best release yet. It’s a blast to listen to and will make for a great way to close 2010 and bring in the New Year.


  1. Jason_Martino says:

    Thanks for the review, it was awesome to read this!
    Can’t wait to purchase the release because some separate sounds from the EP songs have already strongly intrigued me!!

  2. Brian says:

    No problem, Jason! This one is worth the wait! :)

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