Derek Trucks Band – Already Free

Derek Trucks Band – Already Free

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On the road with nothing other than the barren cornfields of the Midwest to entertain my eyes, my stomach already craves the BBQ ribs of Memphis. My senses were in desperate need of stimulation, so I gave my ears a chance with the new Derek Trucks project, Already Free. After all, what better idea when traveling to a blues-saturated city like Memphis?

Before I even played the first track I had some expectations of what I was going to experience with this album and virtuoso slide guitar playing was on top of that list. My anticipation proved to be accurate right from the first track. Trucks tears into a solo and you can swear that he must be using multiple fingers to cover the fret board and the range of notes being patched together. But when you hear the legato that is used to melt these notes together in a smooth, unwavering attack, you realize the true talent of his playing.

I still remember the first time I saw Trucks playing, almost a decade ago now. Standing on the stage with The Allman Brothers, I thought “Who is this kid?” More than likely he was still a kid then, the first time he played with The Allman Brothers he was 11-years-old and played with Bob Dylan the same year. Most of the songs on Already Free hold a mellow, soulful swing to them. The gritty, bluesy vocals are matched by hot licks from the slide guitar, with songs like “Down Don’t Bother Me” building into a fiery slide solo to take the song home. Trucks infuses some of his Eastern influences into the intro to “I Know” and then brings it back into a toe tapping, carefree jam. The song “Our Love” is lead with a strong rhythm from the acoustic guitar and may have been written for his very talented wife, Susan Tedeschi.

Before picking up this album, you must evaluate what it is you are looking for from the album. If you are looking for a strong singer-songwriter album with songs and melodies that are going to challenge you, then you may want to steer clear. The album falls into the classification of most products of artists that are powerful instrumentalist, strong on guitar licks and sometimes lacking in melodies that stick in your mind. But if you are looking for something soaked in soul and R&B and wanting to take a few lessons on how to blow collective minds with the slide guitar, then get a hold of this album and enjoy the ride.


  1. Kralle Krawinkel says:

    Brillant (BRILLANT!!) album. Thanks for this article.

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