Frontier Ruckus – Eternity of Dimming

Frontier Ruckus – Eternity of Dimming

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Admittedly, I was a little late to the Frontier Ruckus party — 2008’s The Orion Songbook first gracing my ears in late 2011. But ever since, they’re been an easy favorite. What really struck me about these guys was the ingenuity of the lyrics, so upon receiving Eternity of Dimming, I pressed play and held my breath for the same simple brilliance. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. Anything but.

Incredibly well-crafted and undoubtedly relatable, Eternity of Dimming boats a variety of styles, from the plainly country “Open It Up” to the gentler, piano-feature number “Nightmare of Space.” The album is impressing in its cohesion, but never once grows stagnant, holding a perfect balance of soft contemplation and groovy enthusiasm to carry listeners willfully all the way through pared-down closer “Careening Catalog Immortal.”

Longtime fans of Frontier Ruckus and new listeners are sure to fall in love with Eternity of Dimming, and not just because that whole Mumford & Sons-Lumineers-Of Monsters and Men folky acoustic sound seems to be so hot right now. Frontier Ruckus’ sound does carry some of that sound, but with a much more understated quality. Where other artists are capitalizing on huge orchestral swells, these guys focus on lyrical content and gentle interplay within instrumentation. The banjo, bass, and drum rhythms are tight. The rhymes are fluid. And each track boats a carefully woven story.

But perhaps what’s most captivating is the occasional lyrical surprise that is somehow the perfect turn of phrase, like these from “Bike Trail”: “The summer has an open hymen/ The Sylvan Manor baseball diamond/ Rattles hot with tattletales/ So frailly shot into the night.”  Or maybe it’s how the lyrics always fit seamlessly with the singing melodies and warm harmonies. Or how they manage to employ the perfect balance of instrumentation on each track, evoking just the right mood. Take your pick.

It’s rare that a double-album emerges that is brilliance start to finish, with no filler to be found. Frontier Ruckus’ Eternity of Dimming is one of those rare gems.


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