Maggie McClure – Good Morning & Good Night

Maggie McClure – Good Morning & Good Night

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After listening to Good Morning & Good Night, you just can’t help but feel a little happy, maybe even giddy. With all the positivity oozing out of the lyrics, the generally upbeat style of the songs and Maggie McClure serenading you like a member of God’s choir of angels, it’s hard not to find yourself smiling by the time you get to the end of the first song, let alone this EP’s six tracks. Some people are just rays of sunshine that way, and sometimes music needs to be uplifting in this sort of way. The best part though is that McClure’s sincerity and authenticity make you feel like you’ve just basked in the sun for an hour rather than a tanning salon.

The title track is filled with awe and wonder at things like the Grand Canyon and a sunrise, all to a pop rock rhythm that is catchy. “Everything We Don’t Say” is more on the serious side, talking about the importance of communication and how vital it is not to let important things slip away. “Are You Here to Stay?” is a funky piano number where McClure subtly tries to get an answer out of her man.

“Nothing Was Left” is easily the most gorgeous song on the record, a mid-tempo number where McClure details just how completely her lover tore down her walls when no one else could, so that all that was left to see in the end was her heart; the notes that McClure hits on the chorus are stunning and spellbinding, and the music itself is rapturous with joy. The country pop stylings of “You Just Can’t Stop” make the song an uplifting number about not giving up, and the finale, “The Girl You Want to Be,” lyrically works in a similar fashion as McClure sings about finding herself and becoming more and more like the woman she wants to be regardless of what others might say.

The music on this album isn’t entirely super happy fun music—though there are certainly moments where that is the case—but the feeling behind it all, the emphasis, is on finding something miraculous in this world and chasing it down until it becomes part of you. McClure’s passionate, angelic vocals guide the way throughout, and by the end of the record you find yourself viewing the world in a brighter way, as though anything is possible.


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