Mimi Page – A Lullaby for the Lonely EP

Mimi Page – A Lullaby for the Lonely EP

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On her debut EP, Mimi Page takes about 30 seconds to get your attention. Between the moody and oddly beautiful piano keys and her breathy, ethereal vocals, the effect is enough to entrance even casual listeners. This is pretty much what happens throughout the course of this EP’s six songs: you hang on every word, relish every vocal and let the echoing, otherworldly sounds wrap their arms around you in an embrace you don’t want to be freed from.

The piano ditty “New” opens things with Page singing about how there’s something new in someone’s eyes that draws her to him in ways she wasn’t drawn before. “Beating For You” is a down-tempo sort of dance track which is largely comprised of the repetition of the phrase “Feel my heart beating for you” which is sung in a surprisingly enjoyable off-kilter manner. The languid, hypnotic title track lulls you into its morose sway with Page’s repeated declaration, “If I’m still breathing, then I’ll keep believing in love,” as she tries to get over a broken heart. “Come What May” is a powerful down-tempo number where Page asserts that life’s struggles and dry seasons won’t destroy her and that she’ll be ready for anything that comes her way. “Tomorrow” is a contemplative piano tune about love that has been allowed to pass by and how Page is waiting for it to return to her, and on the closer “I’ll Be Waiting” she repeats the phrase “I’ll be waiting for you to come back to me” to a dance beat throughout.

Page’s vocals are impressive and she shows enough range to keep you interested for most of the ride. Some of the ethereal sounds and the heavy reliance on pianos gets a tad repetitive by the end of the album, and if love and relationships aren’t something you want to hear a lot about then this album probably won’t be for you, but it still sounds great.


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