Mimi Page – Breathe Me In

Mimi Page – Breathe Me In

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2011 has been a hell of a year for Mimi Page. Between having a song chart at #11 on iTunes’ electronic charts and another one appear on MTV, getting the attention of the national and international dance community via Sirius and opening up for Jefferson Starship — an oddity since her down tempo, electronic pop sound isn’t always similar in style — a lot of people have begun to take notice (Paul Kantner of Jefferson Starship has even been quoted as saying, “I drink the Mimi Page Kool-Aid”). The two critically-praised EPs she has released this year — A Lullaby for the Lonely and Love Will Tear Us Apart — set the stage wonderfully for her first full-length release, Breathe Me In, which has proven every bit as entrancing as those EPs and offers further proof that her star is on the rise.

A potent mix of sultry down tempo numbers, emotional pop-tronica, uplifting piano pop and thought-provoking ballads, Breathe Me In is a rich, well rounded album. Page shines on tracks like “All I Need “ as she showcases her ability to sing at low and high registers, at quiet and powerful levels and all with the confidence of a seasoned professional. “My Vanilla Sky” attracts with its slightly sped up Massive Attack “Teardrop”-like vibe, while “Black Valentine” matches seductive vocals with dark-tronica beats to create a seedy song about the ills that people subject themselves to in an attempt to feel good. Tracks like “New” stand out as much for their beautiful piano balladry as they do for Page’s breathy vocals, while “The Starving Artist” is about as ethereal as trip-hop rock gets.

Page is a significant talent in that she doesn’t do the same thing over and over even though it is already quite clear that she could do just that and succeed. Her vocals draw you in like a tractor beam, the content speaks on multiple levels and the musical variety is downright dizzying. This is a fantastic release and properly showcases her many talents — Page will be one to watch in the coming months, and Breathe Me In is a great place for new listeners to start.


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