Tegan & Sara – Get Along

Tegan & Sara – Get Along

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Preparing to review Get Along the album (not the DVD), I felt a bit as if I was going to miss something. After all, if this performance was released in full-blown video form, there’s got to be a draw in the performance (introductions? banter?) that wouldn’t be present on the audio recording, right? After listening to the recording, I was surprisingly satisfied with the cohesion and emotional strength present in each of the tracks. There’s applause and a few asides left in to frame the songs, so the album still has that live feel, setting it apart from other studio releases of Tegan and Sara’s. And that’s definitely a good thing.

While I do understand the niche appeal of Tegan & Sara, I’ve always found their music a bit lyrically thin and occasionally whiny. However, done in an unplugged, raw way such as this, their tunes really come alive. Not only is the sound more sincere on this album, but the accuracy of the rhythm guitar and the perfect pitch of the vocal harmonies are more striking when the listener knows that this came from a live performance, that there was no room for error. It’s clear that these girls are real performers; they seem to gain power from performing in front of an audience, and it definitely shines through on each of their tracks.

That being said, there are a still a few songs that are a bit too teen angsty —“Knife Going In” and “Night Watch,” for instance. There are occasional nasal-sounding vocals that obscure the lyrics, like the opening to “Nineteen.” The placement of “I Know, I Know, I Know” and “Monday, Monday, Monday,” makes the repetition of their lyric-writing tactics a little too apparent. Still, the performance quality makes this album an enjoyable listen, especially on the faster tracks, such as the driving “I Won’t Be Left” and the exposed beauty of “Sentimental Tune.”  Despite the few flaws, Tegan & Sara’s Get Along elevates the duo’s songs with the element of live performance to great success.


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