The Most Serene Republic

The Most Serene Republic

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Sometimes if you’re really, really lucky, music is epically hypnotic when you listen to it. Beyond the deep and meaningful lyrics, there are times when albums hold rhythms which carry you along with ease, change time in ways that are smooth rather than jarring, and take you on an unexpected voyage. The Most Serene Republic’s EP, Fantasick Imposibliss, is one such album.

Their fourth EP and seventh album overall (all since 2005 — talk about prolific!) is chock full of musical goodness that roams through the realms of rock ‘n roll, space rock and acoustic pop. From the mountain echo-like vocals and riffs of the opening track “Comeuppance” to the six-and-a-half minute opus that is album’s title track (and EP’s closer), this record’s six tunes take you on a far out yet satisfying journey. Add in appearances from violins, trombones and banjos and you have some great variety too.

Lead vocalist and trombonist, Adrian Jewett, sets the tone for this album with his broad range. Whether he’s doing little more than speaking or letting his vocals reach for the skies in his oddly pleasing slightly off-key way, Jewett’s performance is both the anchor that keeps this otherworldly EP grounded and the catalyst that propels this album into the stratosphere. The magical guitar work from Nick Greaves and Sean Woolven provides the wings for this album to fly (particularly on the winning “Jelly Chamber”), Simon Lukasewich’s bass adds appropriate amounts of muscle and power, and Adam Balsam’s creative drumming points the songs in the ways they should go. There are no weak points on this album, and each member of the band (pianist and backup vocalist Ryan Lenssen included) is to be commended for their work.

Fantasick Impossibliss gives you everything you want in an epic rock album, while still wishing there was more to be heard. Kudos to the band for a job well done.


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