Warped Tour – Oceanport, New Jersey

Warped Tour – Oceanport, New Jersey

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Warped Tour isn’t exactly known for the indie music scene. Punk music and the last of the remaining scene kids, sure, but the real beauty in Warped Tour are some of the quieter and undiscovered bands on the side stages. In particular, River City Extension and Sick of Sarah’s life performances left a lasting impression. To beat the impossible task of sounding good to fans when its 100 degrees out is hard enough, but to sound as good as these bands is near impossible. Here are the two highlights of the day:

River City Extension
River City’s unique sound always brings forth an intriguing live performance. The eight band members incorporate several unique instrument choices that make a great live show and excite the marching band geek in me. Instruments include the mellophone, tambourine, bongo drums and more. The band also seemed to really appreciate playing a show in their home state of New Jersey and had a particularly interactive crowd. River City Extension is the type of band that sounds equally talented, if not more talented on stage instead of on a CD. The words and music are beautiful and passionate and it’s the type of performance that really captivates the crowd. The set was unfortunately short as is the case for many festivals, but it was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the day.

Sick of Sarah
SOS definitely seemed a little overcome by the heat and “three hours sleep collectively”, as they put it but their performance made it easy to forget. Although the crowd was a little lackluster at times, front woman Abisha Uhl  was full of energy and did the best to get crowd interaction. Towards the end she came into the crowd, and even let fans sing into her microphone. Although starting off with a few fans, Sick of Sarah was able to develop a decently sized crowd by the end. The rest of the band stood onstage a little more solemnly but cracked jokes every now and then about the other band members. The musicianship of the band was solid and Uhl’s voice showed off her musical range well.


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