Top 10 Albums: Delay Trees

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The latest in our series of asking various bands or artists for their Top 10 Albums of 2011, and now it’s time to ask Delay Trees. The Finnish quartet creates beautiful dream pop and they include some of their friends from Finland as well as the music of Justin Vernon.

1. Bon Iver – s/t
Simply gorgeous music that you can’t really label or categorize. All you can do is love it. Amazingly arranged songs and a lot of interesting sounds.

2. Matti Johannes Koivu – Toisen Maailman Nimi
This Finnish artist has made an absolutely stunning record. Parts of Toisen Maailman Nimi remind me of Mark Hollis’ solo album, which is always a good thing.

3. Atlas Sound – Parallax
I love Bradford. I love his effects. And I love his songs. Enough said.

4. Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost
At first I didn’t want to hear this album because of all the hype around it but it’s just too damn good to be ignored. I really love the 50’s vibe and Christopher’s vocals are heartbreaking.

5. Regina – Soita Mulle
Another Finnish group who’ve made an almost perfect dream pop album. Iisa’s vocals are airy, drums sound thin (in a good way) and guitars sound crispy. This is like the best of Ride with a girl vocalist.

6. Destroyer – Kaputt
I wish I could make an album like this someday. The chillout vibe of the record feels very effortless and I find myself coming back to Kaputt quite frequently when I wanna take it easy.

7. Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow
Haven’t really listened to this that much/enough, but I’m guessing it’ll make a gorgeous winter record.

8. St. Vincent – Strange Mercy
I’m very envious of the amount of great ideas St. Vincent throws into each one of her songs. Her artsy, beautiful and sometimes a little bit crazy music works for me.

9. Cass McCombs – Humor Risk
An honest album with scruffy lo-fi sound. The fact that he’s released two good albums this year is pretty amazing.

10. Youth Lagoon – The Year of Hibernation
He’s a really young artist and with a debut album like this, he’s bound to go far. It’s not a perfect record in any terms, but the good bits win me over every time.