Black Mold- Tetra Pack Heads

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This is a special occasion, it isn’t often that I get excited about mold, let alone something as ominous sounding as Black Mold. However, as soon as I learned that this fungal name is the new moniker for Chad VanGaalen’s alternate gig, moonlighting as an electronic influenced music producer, the intrigue became irresistible. After a string of solo albums, including 2008’s stellar Soft Airplane, VanGaalen has turned his attention to a collection of analog synths, broken musical devices, and a smattering of organic instruments to create the glitch driven music that comprises Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz. The asymmetrical and enigmatic album title is an apt interlude for songs that sound as though they were driven by juxtaposition. Staccato electronic percussion glitches open “Tetra Pack Heads” only to be augmented and opposed by synth produced strings and delicate whistles. Throughout the song’s brief play time the melody continually shifts as it is transformed by metamorphosizing rhythms and occasional barrages of noise. All in all a vast departure from VanGaalen’s typical mode of expression, but as usual he has crafted music we all should hear.

Tetra Pack Heads by Black Mold