Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands-Toy Hammer

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Hmmm…so this is what it would sound like if Kate Bush were to genetically fuse with Danny Elfman and Dresden Dolls in some strange biological experiment. The song features a Theremin and an off-center, Nightmare Before Christmas piano accompanying a singer whose voice soars and sinks while singing well-written words making the comparison easy. “Toy Hammer” is a slightly off-center, creepy (“Ghosts in the parlor”) but sexy (“Warm cherry pie dripping down my thighs”) track from their upcoming self-recorded debut. It’s a song that will appeal to both the Goths and the Freaks and apparently points in between as the North Carolina Symphony is collaborating with Crystal Bright to arrange “Toy Hammer,” for the Symphony’s New Year’s Eve program at Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh, NC. Not bad for a debut.

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