Golden Daze, “Never Comin’ Back”

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At first, the mid-February release date for Golden Daze’s self-titled debut album felt a little premature. Befitting their to-the-point band name, surely Ben Schwab and Jacob Loeb’s warm, breezy West Coast (by way of Ohio and Chicago) jangle would be most at home in the embrace of summer? It turns out to have been a shrewd decision. Golden Daze is a gentle but insistent grower, capable of outlasting this winter’s prolonged exit until longer days and easy nights take hold. Another surprise: beneath the protective coatings of lo-fi and reverb, the bones of these melodies hold up. Tracks like “Low”, “Ghost”, and this one, “Never Comin’ Back”, place as much value on strong chord changes as they do on vibe, which isn’t as obvious as it sounds these days.