Nearly Oratorio, “Occlude”

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Two years of weathering between the completion and the release of Nearly Oratorio’s new EP hasn’t left any rust on Tin. Deliberation appears to be central to Simon Lam’s process, but his productivity hardly suffers for it. He has supported fellow producers like Flume and SBTRKT, worked with a number of bands in his hometown scene in Melbourne, Australia, and has at least two other acts of his own. Kllo, Lam’s millennial R&B collaboration with his cousin, Chloe Kaul, recently signed to Ghostly International, and he’s also a member of equally how-do-you-pronounce-that? electronic trio I’lls. The same wet-windshield soft-focus ambience that underwrote Kllo’s “Make Me Wonder” or I’lls’ “Speak Low” assumes prominence on Tin, including stand-out second single, “Occlude”.