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I hope everyone has been having a good summer so far. I am back from my summer vacation refreshed and ready to return to Arizona’s summer heat. In keeping with that, I must point out that today’s track wasn’t warped by being left in the car too long, it is simply warped.

Of all of the albums I have heard and loved over the years, I would count Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love in the top 5. Many people have tried to cover Kate over the years only to fall flat on their faces because they didn’t understand the strange nature of her music that hid behind her achingly beautiful voice.

railcars (aka Aria Jalali) is set to release a track for track cover of Hounds of Love (though not the B-Side Ninth Wave) this month. While more challenging than the original (read: more difficult to listen to) he obviously gets the underlying strangeness and puts his own mark on an album that has held it’s place in music for the past 26 years. railcars version of “Cloudbusting” is less heartbreaking than the original but is not necessarily something you are going to want to listen to over and over again. Still he has somehow managed to cover one of my favorite albums of all time and make it sound like something completely new.


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