The Harvey Girls- Smile Like Gwynplaine

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The Harvey Girls are not girls. Well, at least one of them isn’t, and despite the sound produced by the group, there are only two people in the band. So that means that about 50% of The Harvey Girls are not actually girls. But that is not the only eclectic aspect of this husband and wife duo hailing from Portland, Or. The Harvey Girls create unusual and engaging electro-pop by the deployment of various loops, found sounds, and alternately tuned acoustic guitars all combining to create a new take on a familiar sound. “Smile Like Gwynplaine” unfolds quickly with upbeat acoustic strumming deftly combining with a rolling snare pattern and electronic atmosphere galore. This track is like a party in a song, and its almost Friday, so listen to this and prepare for a great weekend. Also, stay on the look out for the new full-length I’ve Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately due out 6/29 on Circle Into Square.

Smile like Gwynplaine by The Harvey Girls