The Plaid Perspective, “Flashlight Tag”

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The Plaid Perspective began in the mind of Seattle musician Matthew Schumacher over a decade ago when he was playing in another band with some friends of his. What started with the singer/guitarist spending his spare hours alone with an analog 4-track recorder gradually drew other people into its orbit. Over time the home project became a bona fide quintet with the addition of drummer Brian Oppel, guitarist Jesse Dosher, bassist Daniel Foster, and keyboardist Kristin Welke, the latter three of whom all contribute vocals as well. The band’s stated fondness for the expansive ‘80s guitar rock of bands like Echo and the Bunnymen and The Church courses through the driving “Flashlight Tag”, but their newly released and long-in-the-works debut album, Something Simple Out of Sight, draws a wide field of influences into a magnetic, heartfelt whole.