Write for Us

Thanks for taking time to find out more about contributing to Stereo Subversion (SSv). We are always interested in finding new, talented writers and consider it important to help new writers find their voice and platform.

What do I need to know?

SSv’s tagline is Advancing the Movement of Meaningful Culture, allowing us to focus on excellence in artistry regardless of genre. Our site covers culture in all styles, guiding readers to new artists and bands they might not have otherwise heard of. Read several reviews and features before applying to write to get a feel for our slant.

Where do I begin?

Start by sending an email to our Editor-in-Chief, Matt Conner, and copy the Reviews Editor, Scott Elingburg, indicating your interest. Attach an example of your writing and one original work SSv can use. Just make sure we haven’t covered it yet. Keep your review at approximately 400-500 words and include a one or two sentence bio.

Also, we love to get to know our writers, so feel free to tell us a bit about yourself. Our goal is that we would enjoy your work and that you would enjoy writing for us.

What can I expect?

For compensation, our goal is to provide payment to all staff writers but for now, that just isn’t possible. As a start-up, there isn’t the necessary capital to do so. However, we do pay our feature writers a 20 dollar stipend per story and we look for those rates to increase someday.

SSv also gives writers a highly credible, respected byline as well as free swag such as CDs, DVDs, etc.

What do you expect?

If you are accepted as a staff writer for SSv, we expect all reviews within seven days of receiving the materials. Also, we would like review staff to write at least one review per week. Finally, we also encourage/expect writers to develop ideas for the site, brainstorming new ways to reach our goal and make the site better for the audience.


Matt Conner matt.conner@ssvmag.com